handcrafted rugs

The Winter of 2011 saw the Hoxa Tapestry Gallery introduce a new range of hand crafted designer rugs designed by Leila and Jo, and made by Leila or Andrew.

Please note some of our rugs are limited editions and as such they are more expensive. Other rug designs are repeated, often with variations in size and colour and some rugs include contouring – therefore prices can vary piece to piece.

How a rug is made
The base canvas is stretched as tight as possible across the loom before drawing or projecting the design onto the canvas. The tufting gun is operated by compressed air which fires the yarn into the canvas. Colours are blended and graded in exactly the same manner as you would when making a tapestry, allowing for sophisticated colour gradation. Once the rug is completed latex glue is applied by roller to the reverse to secure the pile. The rug can then be cut from the loom for shearing and carving by hand if desired. Lastly the hessian backing is glued and sewn by hand round the edges.

Our rugs are made of 100% Shetland wool, chosen for its quality and wonderful colour range. Sometimes other yarns such as cotton or metallic threads can be added for extra sparkle.